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When the young girl grew up to be 18, she wore a loin cloth and little else, and was seen perched in the fork of a tree eating fruit.

The beautiful white jungle goddess was named Diana (played by gorgeous German actress Katja Bienert, who was reportedly underage at 16 at the time of some of the filming).

Bacman raped me."This tacky, sexist sword-sorcery fantasy from producer Roger Corman was a ripped-off nude version of Conan the Barbarian (1982) with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The main attraction of these films were the female co-stars.

Prolific Spanish sleaze-meister and writer/director Jesús Franco's adventure-action tale was an sexploitational 'jungle adventure' (and Tarzan rip-off).

The two main characters in this modern adaptation were: comic books, the conceited and self-absorbed Jesse found himself on the run ("a desperado") from Las Vegas police and fled to Los Angeles.

There, the fugitive picked the door lock of the apartment of Monica Poiccard, took a steamy shower by himself (with full frontal male nudity, unusual for the 80s), and met up with Monica at her school.

However, when she discovered she had been identified as "the girl in the pink dress" and had been taken as either a hostage or lover of fugitive Jesse, she decided to turn him into the police.

She was anguished: She then confessed to appease him: "I don't love you" in order to get him to leave.

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The tribe was led by a wild-haired, topless female leader Noba (Aline Mess), often doing ritualistic war-dances."I don't want to be afraid of life or anything else." (She kissed his chest as the soundtrack continued): "I want a guy with spirit and guts.

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